Meet the extraordinary 100-year-old Dunedin woman who was part of the resistance in WWII

A very special Dunedin woman has just turned 100 years old.

Originally from the Netherlands, Olga Janssen was part of the resistance against the Nazis during World War II and was thrown in a concentration camp for her troubles.

"We went out for food parcels and you pinch from other people's parcels and give them to the poor people to give them something to eat," Ms Janssen told Seven Sharp of her resistance days.

The freedom fighter says she wasn't scared of the Nazis during the war and bears no ill will towards the German people.

"People say you must hate the German people. I said no, because they were forced to do it."

Sentiments of love that will do well to be heeded after the recent Christchurch terror attack.

"It's sad but it's life, we need to look after each other," Ms Janssen advises other Kiwis.

When asked what the secret to her longevity is, the centenarian has a simple answer.

"Butter! Everything was cooked in butter, loads of butter.

"Meat was cooked in inches of butter, everything had lots of nice flavour."

A tasty way to ensure a long life, according to Ms Janssen.

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Dunedin's Olga Janssen is a very special woman. Source: Seven Sharp