Meet the contact tracing 'detectives' on the frontlines of NZ's Covid-19 response

With the trans-Tasman bubble about to open, it's important we do everything we can to stay ahead of the virus like using the NZ Covid Tracer app.

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The Covid Tracer app gives vital clues if NZ has to call on its contact tracing team, but who are these contact tracers and what do they do. Source: 1 NEWS

The app holds vital clues if we have to activate the contact tracing team at the Auckland Regional Public Health Service. 

Justine Paterson made the move to the team having previously been "looking after people at home in the community with infectious diseases" before landing her role in the tracing team.

"It can be really hard and we've got such busy lives. If you try and think about what you were doing two weeks ago, hour by hour, it can sometimes be really difficult," she told Seven Sharp. 

"I have had some later nights and that has certainly impacted on my children. They're really proud of what I'm doing and they say to me that they're doing their bit." 

Paterson said they "often describe ourselves as detectives in sort of not wanting to leave any stone unturned". 

Paterson's colleague Loi Fuimaono worked in the acute ward at Waitakere Hospital and was planning to become a flight attendant before becoming a contact tracer.

Fuimaono called the role "a huge privilege". 

"We're here to work with you to support you and care for you," Paterson added.