Meet the Christchurch seven-year-old who can solve a Rubik’s cube in 15 seconds

Zee is a seven-year-old maths wizard and can master a three-by-three Rubik's cube in 15 seconds - blindfolded.

He can solve a two-by-two in seven seconds.

Only six years old when he mastered his first cube, he's now the owner of 13 of them.

It's an old school talent he's honed particularly well. 

His dad taught him how to solve one layer and he taught himself how to sort the rest with the help of YouTube.

He takes his Rubik's cube everywhere but there are rules. His mother, Yvette Capangpangan, says he can do it instead of watching TV - and says it really doubles as a device.

"It's very advanced," he says, hoping one day to have his own YouTube channel. 

For the full story from TVNZ1's Seven Sharp, watch the video above. 

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Zee can solve the classic puzzle in just 15 seconds. Source: Seven Sharp