Meet the 28-year-old in charge of assembling new 210m bridge over Auckland's Tamaki River

Despite being 28 and just four years out of university, Simone Myburgh is in charge of assembling the superstructure and the launch sequence of a 210m bridge over the Tamaki River in Auckland.

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The bridge is part of a dedicated busway, that’ll hopefully help cut congestion. Source: Seven Sharp

"You accept the responsibility because you care about it and then you just kind of get on with it," Myburgh told Seven Sharp.

Myburgh’s team is completing the last of four "launches" done over the over the past eight months, with the bridge being pulled across the water using a system of hydraulic jacks and steel cable.

Two jacks towards the front do the pulling while a pair at the rear act as a brake moderating the movement so the bridge doesn't roll off on its own.

"If you imagine, I tie a string around you, and you run away with all your force and resistance and I'm holding on to the string, as I let it out slowly, that’s what we’re doing with the bridge,’ Myburgh said.

Myburgh admit there is a little bit of stress.

“I'm not going to lie, I've definitely woken up at few times and thought 'oh no have I done this,’” she said.

“Is there something else I need to check because as you can imagine there are a million and one things that need to be checked."

Myburgh’s colleagues are amazed by her “commitment and dedication”.

"It’s hard to believe that someone that young can be in charge of such a massive thing like this but,” site supervisor Tony Pemberton said.

The exacting movements attract plenty of sticky beaks, some of them mighty knowledgeable.

"I think it’s incredible, it moves about this far every time and then they tighten things up and then release, then tighten it up, tighten again,’ one bridge onlooker said.