Measles warning issued after man turns up at Christchurch Hospital with the virus

A measles warning has been issued after a man appeared at Christchurch Hospital with the highly contagious virus.

The 30-year-old was in the hospital's emergency department on Sunday.

Canterbury District Health Board is urging people to look out for signs of the infection, which can include fever and cold-like symptoms.

Doctor with stethoscope
Doctor (file). Source:

Watch: The moment commercial jet shoots in front of super-blood moon eclipse

One location of the country that was treated to a relatively clear view of the super-blue-blood moon eclipse early this morning was just outside Auckland Airport.

And footage of the eclipse moment easily identifies where the vision is being filmed from, as a passenger jet can be seen shooting in front of the moon.

For much of New Zealand, the lunar phenomenon was ruined by cloud cover, but it was visible in some regions.

A super-blue-blood moon eclipse only occurs every 150 years, and Kiwis were treated to the view starting from around 1am this morning.

A super moon takes place when the moon is at its closest point to earth during its elliptical orbit - this makes it appear 14 per cent larger than when it is at its further point and this has happened once already this year.

The blue moon term is used to describe a full moon taking place for the second time within a full calendar month.

The Christchurch Astronomical Society told 1 NEWS that this moon is technically not blue for us here in New Zealand, as it takes place on February 1 at 2.26am - a few hours too late in our time zone to be considered a blue moon.

The coincidental footage of the rare celestial event was captured just outside Auckland Airport early this morning. Source: 1 NEWS


Bad weather forces cancellation of Auckland ferry service

Bad weather has forced the cancellation of Auckland's Gulf Harbour ferry service today.

Auckland Transport says the ferry services will be replaced by buses.

Breakfast weatherman Matty McLean has the latest forecast. Source: Breakfast

The cancellation comes as severve weather starts to batter parts of New Zealand.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 1, 2017: Point of view of a boat approching the Ferry terminal in Britomart in downtown in Auckland, New Zealand largest city on a sunny day.
Auckland's downtown ferry terminal. Source: