McDonald's to trial wooden cutlery at select stores around NZ

Nine McDonald's fast food restaurants around the country will be trialling wooden cutlery in a bid to be more environmentally friendly.

McDonald's Source: Associated Press

According to McDonald's the initiative is part of their Scale For Good packaging and recycling commitment.

In a statement the company said: "Wooden knives, forks and spoons typically given out with McDonald’s sundaes, hot cakes and salads, are being trialled at the following locations over a three-month period; Orewa, Taupo, Havelock North, Northlands, Courtney Central and Queenstown.

"The Greenlane and Christchurch airport restaurants will be implementing the wooden cutlery for the foreseeable future as part of the McDonald’s flagship restaurant programme."

McDonald’s says their “Scale For Good” commitment plans to have 100% of McDonald’s packaging made from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025, and to have recycling facilities in 100% of McDonald’s restaurants.