McDonald's employee: Zero hour contracts used as 'bullying tool'

Stressed out workers at some fast food chains are demanding certainty in their hours as the battle heats up to axe zero hour contracts.

Some beneficiaries are being forced to accept jobs with zero hour contracts. Source: 1 NEWS

Victoria Hopgood has flipped burgers at McDonald's for four years and says it's time people had some job security.

"All of us are on like zero hour contracts, it is the most stressful thing for all the employees I know.

"Zero hour contracts can be used as a bullying tool, I know of instances where if people aren't in the scheduling hours best books they can get like eight hours a week," Ms Hopgood says.

Unions are vowing to continue to fight employers who demand zero hour contracts, after a win against Restaurant Brands.

The owner of KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Carl's Jr has agreed to remove zero hour contracts after negotiations.

While McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are still refusing to move on the issue, Unite Union is pressuring them to follow suit.

"Good businesses don't use zero hour contracts, we just don't need them here in New Zealand," Labour leader Andrew Little says.

ONE News can exclusively reveal beneficiaries can be forced to accept jobs with zero hour contracts - or face sanctions.

Greens Employment spokeswoman Jan Logie says Work and Income need to commit to not advertising zero hour jobs and to not cutting people's benefits for turning down one of these jobs.

"It's a real good opportunity for the Government and Work and Income to take leadership, like restaurant brands have, and ditch zero hour contracts," Ms Logie said.

A social development minister spokesperson says Work and Income only refers people to employers.

Government ministers wouldn't front for interviews and the wording of statements given today were vague.

Employment Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse has asked for a review of some employment practices - including unfair contracts.

An international day of action by fast food workers will be held on April 15.

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