Mayor strongly denies involvement in alleged attack on Horowhenua eco-warrior

A 71-year-old man says he was the target of a brutal attack because of his criticism of the local council's environmental policies - and one local councillor has taken his side.

Cyril Andrews, a grandpa and eco-warrior, claims he was attacked by four men at his home on the weekend. Source: 1 NEWS

Cyril Andrews says he was ambushed outside his home in Shannon by four men, who punched and kicked him to the ground.

Mr Andrews is a staunch environmentalist, and has recently posted footage of sewage apparently being discharged into a pristine stream in the area.

Corny Andrews. Source: 1 NEWS

Today, a security firm had been hired to block access to the stream in the footage, and supporter and Horowhenua District Councillor Ross Campbell says that the council are now trying to cover up the mistake - when they should be owning it.

Mr Andrews says that his attackers even linked the Horowhenua mayor, Brendan Duffy, to the attack, reportedly telling him "Mayor Duffy sends his compliments" before leaving the scene.

Mayor Duffy strongly denies any kind of involvement, saying he absolutely refutes that, and that the footage is not what it seems.

"Well, it's treated effluent - that's what treated effluent looks like after its gone through the process," he said.

"You can see the algae in the water but that is utterly and absolutely normal across New Zealand."

The attack has left Mr Andrews' wife Charlotte very upset, but she's standing by her husband in vowing to keep campaigning for a greener environment.

"He's always taught me it's not about us, it's about the kaupapa, it's about what we have to do for the tamariki - for the children," she said.