Matty McLean tests whether Kiwi coffee tastes have changed over lockdown

While many Kiwis are stoked that barista-made coffees are part of our daily routine again, have our tastes changed under lockdown? 

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Matty McLean grabbed a barista made brew for a taste test. Source: Seven Sharp

Coffee expert David Burton told Seven Sharp he feels “very sorry” for the Kiwis going without during the lockdown, adding that people are going to be in for a "rude awakening" when they return to their local cafe when the country moves to Alert Level 2 on Thursday.

"They're going to notice quite a change, and they'll probably be very happy," he said.

While Kiwis may have taken to making their own coffee while under lockdown, Mr Burton says we won't be returning to cheap brew.

"I suppose the question I would be posing would be just because we're locked down, does that mean you'd go back to drinking casked wine?" Mr Burton asked.

Seven Sharp set up five different coffees for a blind taste test of Matty McLean: one cheap instant coffee from Nescafe, a more expensive Mocona instant, a plunger coffee from Lafarre, a Nespresso pod and a barista-made cup.

McLean, who admitted to being particular about his coffee, said his least-favourite was the barista-made coffee.

Meanwhile, the Nescafe instant came in at fourth place, while the plunger coffee from Lafarre came in third.

The runner-up was Moccona, while the Nespresso pod came in first place.