Mattress elevator helps disabled make the bed and could have hospital uses

Creators of a mattress elevator to help people with disabilities make their bed are now working on a model to help patients when they are in hospital.

Two Dunedin inventors have developed the mattress elevator which is made up of two inflatable tubes under the mattress. They are then hooked up to a pump.

Larry Burns and Grant Woolford made the device after hearing an arthritis sufferer describe the struggle of making a bed. Source: 1 NEWS

It's can lift a heavy mattress for people who find it hard to make the bed.

The mattress elevator was designed and developed in a small Dunedin workshop after inventor Larry Burns heard an elderly arthritis sufferer talk about the pain and struggle to make a bed.

Keeping cost down is a key factor for Mr Burns and colleague Grant Woolford, the mattress elevator priced at just over $500.

"I did originally think of different ways. But then it just came down to this. This was the the simplest way of doing it, and was most effective," Mr Burns told 1 NEWS.

"We've found the majority of people that need this sort of stuff have got disabilities or are just getting older.

"They just need some independence in their lives... they don't have huge amounts of money," he said.

The mattress elevator has helped Bianca, who lives with a bone disease that affects her strength and mobility.

"I should be able to make my bed, you know, I'm a young person. So, it's really good that I can still do that," she said.

Originally designed to help bed-making, the device is also showing potential to help people move in bed.

And there's hope of taking the concept a step further.

Initial talks with a major supplier to ACC and disabled clients have prompted the mattress elevator creators to work on a model specifically for use in hospitals.

This could help patients suffering from conditions such as bedsores.

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