Massive increase in Airbnb listings leads to quality control concerns

Thousands of New Zealanders are making money by letting out rooms in their homes on a short term basis through Airbnb.

Thousands of Kiwis are making money by letting rooms in their house out on a short term basis. Source: 1 NEWS

But a massive spike in listings in recent months has prompted concerns that people offering rooms and houses don't have to follow the same quality controls as commercial hospitality providers.

Vee Walker's property in suburban Auckland is one of two million worldwide on Airbnb and she has hosted 114 people from 46 different countries.

"They want to meet the real people in New Zealand. And where better to do that than in your own home?"

Airbnb lets out short-term accommodation and a third of the 12,000 beds available in New Zealand are in our biggest city.

"At peak times Auckland is very full if you've got a big event in town or anything like that it will be quite hard to find accommodation," Rachael Shadbolt from Hospitality NZ says.

Yes, that is something that we do worry about. - Rachael Shadbolt from Hospitality NZ

But while Airbnb numbers double year-on-year, some are concerned there's no obligation on providers to comply with professional standards.

"When you're unregulated or you're a residential commercial offering you don't have to provide that same duty of care," Ms Shadbolt says.

However Ms Walker says that's what the Airbnb review process is for and it is constantly monitored.