Mask frustrations on the rise as they become the norm in NZ, but creative solutions abound

Many Kiwis are wearings masks for the very first time and, while they could save your life, some are finding them a little annoying.

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From fogged up glasses to muffled conversations, 1 NEWS reporter Thomas Mead took a look at some of the most common bugbears. Source: 1 NEWS

Thankfully, whether it's issues with glasses fogging up or making conversation difficult, new solutions are popping up every day.

After struggling to chat with her husband, Anna-Maria Covich is now making face masks with clear windows in them.

“I might pull a face, and if I’m wearing a mask I realised I was pulling a face at something and he couldn't see it. All he could see was my eyes,” Covich told 1 NEWS.

Other are sharing tips online about how to stop your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask.

These include putting a piece of tissue where the mask rests on your nose or twisting the elastic at the same spot.

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He was a bit nervous performing the task on live TV. Source: 1 NEWS

Recently, Seven Sharp co-hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells demonstrated how to communicate with your eyes while wearing a mask.

Barry suggested raising your eyebrows - otherwise known as the East Coast wave - is a good way to say hello in the supermarket while wearing a mask.

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Jeremy also showed how the mask his daughter made him gives him “Yoda ears". Source: Seven Sharp

However, Wells thought people may take it a bit more suggestively when she demonstrated the manoeuvre to him.

"If you're doing that at people, they might think, 'Well, here we go,'" he said.

Wells then attempted to "smize" while wearing a mask - which he explained means smiling with your eyes.

One of Wells' big face mask bugbears: "My ears are Yoda-ing."