Maritime NZ urges jet boat owners to check steering systems after fatal accident

Maritime New Zealand are urging boaties to check steering systems after a recent fatal accident involving a jet boat was identified as a steering failure.

A jet boat along the water. Source:

The steering failure was caused by a wire which broke and a shackle fell off.

Deputy Director Compliance Systems Delivery Pelin Fantham said in a statement, "Maritime NZ is asking all owners of jet boats to ensure their boats are safe. The steering set-up in all jet boats should be checked as soon as possible. If you are unsure about what to look for, talk to the supplier or manufacturer of your jet boat."

"You need to physically check the steering system of your jet boat. If it uses D-shackles and locking wire check that the shackles are individually wire locked. Check the condition of the shackles. If there are nicks or tooling damage, consider replacing them."