Maori adze, WW1 medals recovered by police at Thames property

Waikato police have recovered World War One medals, old coins and a hand carved Māori adze while searching for illegal drugs in Thames.

Polie say the stolen items had been taken during a burglary of a Te Arapipi Road address in Thames last month.

Police executed a search warrant relating to illegal drugs and found methamphetamine and a significant amount of cannabis plant material, 100 grams of which had been pre-packaged into various sized quantities for sale.

They also found four firearms, including three shotguns and ammunition along with $9500 in cash.

While they continued to search, police found a large amount of stolen property from other recent burglaries in the Thames area.

This included a quad bike, a lawn mower, builders' tools, fishing rods and two wooden planter boxes stolen from a local pub.

Also found were 100-year-old artefacts including WW1 medals, old coins, a hand carved Māori adze.

A 33-year-old Thames man was set to appear "at Thames District Court this morning on possession of drugs for supply - methamphetamine and cannabis," police said in a statement.

Source: 1 NEWS