How many hot chips should you get in a scoop?

Fair Go needs your help. We need you to buy hot chips. How good is that?

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Is it time Aotearoa got a standardised scoop of the yummy starchy goodness? Source: Fair Go

We are on the hunt for the best value in a chip shop near you.

We reckon plenty of you were already thinking about a portion of sizzling golden fatty carbs.

After all, we spend about half a billion dollars a year on hot chips!

Yes, at the chippie, on the side with a meal out, or on every kids’ menu ever. At the bakery, the pub, the place over the road, at a festival, a concert or a game. We are a deep-fried nation of spud-lovers.

Hot chips are everywhere; yet there is no standard serving or price.

Unofficially, the industry says to aim at 330g of frozen fries per portion. But Fair Go’s own very early results suggest few places will hit that mark for a scoop of chips and the price you pay varies widely as well.

We shopped at four places in Auckland – all within ten minutes’ drive. So, pretty close in that traffic.

The single scoops cost between $2 and $4. But what does that tell you?

We weighed each one on a regular kitchen scale. They were anything from 192g to 301g.

Now we can compare. The best value wasn’t the cheapest, it was the one that cost $3 but weighed 300g - best value in our sample and they were pretty well cooked and not too salty.

Here’s another number - 10,000 - that’s roughly the number of places selling hot chips.

Much as we’d love to try each one, we’d get fat and it could take all year.

We reckon this is one for the people – so please buy a single scoop and tell us - where you are, what you paid and what it weighed - before you eat any.

Send us a picture or two – a video even if you are keen – and please do it this week.

The sooner as you tell us, the sooner we can find the great Kiwi super scoop.