Many Christchurch gun owners vow to stay home as buyback collection begins today

Gun owners are planning to stay home en masse today as frustration builds around the first buyback event in Christchurch.

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They’re slamming the process, saying it’s unfair, confusing and a violation of their rights. Source: 1 NEWS

“The majority of firearm owners do not believe that this is a fair process, that in the first instance they are being blamed and penalised for something they had no control over,” says Bill O'Leary of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association.

Christchurch firearm owner Vincent Sanders is one of those who won't be attending, saying he's going be paid $150 dollars for his grandfather's 100-year-old lever action 22.

“They've rushed through the entire process, they gave us two days for submissions, paid no attention - and forced it through," he says. "It's criminal what they've done.”

There's also confusion over whether some guns will comply with the law if they are modified - with full details yet to be revealed.

The nation's top police officer, Mike Bush, providing no more answers at a press conference yesterday.

“We'll work through some of those details - where there's some uncertainty, we'll work through it, we'll work through it as quickly as possible,” he said.

There will be at least 250 collection events across the country until the deadline in December, and gun owners can hand their firearms into their local police station at any time.