Man's call for help leads to unlikely friendship between strangers

Jack Keeys, an AgriFoods research and insights analyst for KPMG and Brian Reeve, who is currently unemployed, make for an unlikely pair of best friends.

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Brian Reeve “cheeky” request for help led to a life-changing moment. Source: Seven Sharp

They got to know each other after Mr Reeve sent a Facebook message to Mr Keeys and several others in his old hometown of Paeroa asking if he could borrow money for clothes and food.

"I'd never met him before at this point, so this was the first message that I'd got from Brian,” Jack said. "I replied and said, ‘I can't send you money directly, but how about I take you out for lunch and figure out if I can help you."

The pair then met up at McDonald’s.

That was 18 months ago, and the rest is history. 

"Brian and I probably wouldn't have crossed paths if he didn't reach out,” Mr Keeys said. "He was trying his luck and it worked out for the both of us."

He said Mr Reeve attended a special needs school in Paeroa, and is now on disability allowance while looking for something to do.

“No one yet willing to give him a chance,” Mr Keeys said.

What Mr Reeve wants the most in the world is “a job, really”.

“If I got that chance right here, then I would be grateful for it."

Mr Keeys said he “would be great at anything outdoorsy".

"He’s really useful with tools and doing gardening-type projects.”

He said while Mr Reeve would need “a little bit of extra supervision”, he “would put a smile on everyone's face."

"It's just been nice to get to know him and it's a really nice friendship,” Mr Keeys said.