Mangere College adopts anti-family violence campaign

New Zealand ranks among the worst in the western world for domestic violence but one school has decided it's had enough.

Mangere College in south Auckland is spreading the anti-family violence message by adopting the "It's not OK" campaign.

Campaign ambassador Jude Simpson says the entire initiative is student driven.

"They know that it hurts children and people and they just wanted to do something about it," says Ms Simpson.

The students were motivated to take action after hearing Ms Simpson's story.

"I know what it's like to be hurt as a child and I know the effects of that and I know how it can change your whole life when it's not dealt with so the kids really connected with that."

The school, the first in the country to adopt the campaign, has 20 anti-domestic violence "champions" at the school.

"(The students) have been trained to be go-to people just in case a student wants to speak out and they can connect with a student."

Mangere College is the first school in the country to adopt the “It’s not OK” campaign. Source: 1 NEWS

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