Man whose wife died in Christchurch terrorist attacks delivers food to his community to repay their kindness

A man who lost his wife in the Christchurch mosque attacks is using his love of food to bring the people in his community together.

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When Farid Ahmed shares his message, his does so with wife Husna in his heart. Source: Seven Sharp

Farid Ahmed and his wife Husna arrived at Al Noor Mosque around 1pm on March 15.

Despite being confined to his wheel chair when the attack happened he escaped the mosque, and the bullets.

After going back in to try and find her husband, Husna wasn't so lucky.

"When the shooting began, she was busy taking the ladies and children out and then... she came back for me," Mr Ahmed told Seven Sharp.

After his loss, the Hoon Hay community rallied around Muslims who had been affected by the tragedy.

"Some neighbours came with gifts, they brought flowers, they kept visiting, they were asking do you need anything?"

Now, Mr Ahmed is repaying the kindness by delivering meals to his neighbours.

"It is sharing the food in the neighbourhood, in our neighbourhood as a token of love," he said.

Another story of hope coming from New Zealand's darkest day.