Man takes Te Puke Christmas Parade to next level with wheelbarrow 'float'

The annual Te Puke Christmas Parade attracts all sorts of floats in the name of Christmas - but they're not your usual magical fare.

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In the country, the Christmas floats can look a little different from their big city cousins. Source: Seven Sharp

After losing the Supreme Award for floats in last year's competition, Stupid Robot Fighting League head honcho John Espin decided to up the stakes with this year's float - by entering with a wheelbarrow.

"The idea is that I want to go for underwhelming, so underwhelming is a key to my float," Espin told Seven Sharp.

"The idea is that you have everyone with nice, big floats, vehicles and that kind of thing next to me. You see John with his beard, with the stupid robot and wheelbarrow.

"It's under mediocre, 'why did he actually bother?'"

Espin said he's confident he'll win - by entering in his own exclusive wheelbarrow category. 

To find out more, click on the video above.