Man swim across pristine Lake Waikaremoana in memory of brother shot in the line of duty




One man completed a huge 85km swim across the pristine Lake Waikaremoana, all for a cause close to his heart.

Craig McKibbin completed his personal challenge totally unassisted this week, dragging a raft of his supplies behind him.

Craig McKibben is swimming the lake, with raft in tow, in memory of his brother PC Constable Glenn McKibben, who was shot 20 years ago.
Source: Seven Sharp

It's taken him a whole week, but the week has been a celebration of life, in the memory of his brother PC Constable Glenn McKibbin who was shot in the line of duty 20 years ago.

"Go to be crazy if you're a McKibbin, we all do things like that, but you get so much more out of life," said his mum. 

Mr McKibbin said his brother would love that he is doing this challenge.

"He liked to push boundaries, very protective of his younger brother," he said.

To keep safe he made daily calls and used a locater beacon.

He chose Lake Waiakremoana because it has seen years of McKibbin fun and laughter, now it's watching over family efforts to share their love.

The swim is raising money for the community where his brother was shot.

"The Flaxmere community helped my brother that day so no resentment towards that community for what happened, quite the opposite," said Mr McKibbin.

Seven Sharp had a front row seat to Mr McKibbin's home run, watching him push through six kilometres before his freeze dried breakfast yesterday.

And after seven days, his mum, dad, wife and family were all bursting with pride at the finish line. 

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