Man stands trial accused of 50 sex crimes over 15 years against victim from age 10




Jurors trying a Bay of Plenty man on 50 sex-related charges have been warned by the crown prosecutor not to be intimidated by the size and scope of the trial.


Source: 1 NEWS

"Some of the evidence you will be hear is harrowing, the court will be asking the utmost of you," crown prosecutor Chris Macklin told the seven women and five men trying the man in the High Court at Rotorua. He urged them to take what they'd hear on the chin.

The 43-year-old accused, whose name is suppressed for legal reasons, went on trial today emphatically denying each count, some of which are representative meaning they allegedly happened more than once.

It's also the crown's contention two of the charges occurred while the defendant was on bail.

Mr Macklin described the charges as the defendant tearing apart his alleged victim's years from the time she was 10, continuing for the next 15 years.

He said the accused was 24 when he began sexual activity with the girl, beginning in 2003 and continuing until 2016 with his offending happening across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Initially, because she was so young, he was confident she wouldn't tell anyone what he was doing to her but as she grew older she became defiant, telling him he was getting in the way of a her forming meaningful relationships with other men.

However he'd physically force himself on her with kicks and slaps when, out of fear, she would give in to him.

"At other times he'd confide intimate secrets to her and treat her as a lover, he was a confusing dynamic throughout her teenage years," Mr Macklin said.

The prosecutor said one witness who'd been a school friend of the victim's, would tell of seeing her with injuries that led her to believe the girl had been badly beaten.

He told jurors they'd also hear about the night the complainant had been involved in a car accident when the defendant had forced sex on her three times.

The charges the defendant faces are one of indecent assault on a child, 25 sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, 17 of sexual violation by rape, two of injuring with intent, two of assaulting a female, two of indecent assault and one of assault with intent to commit sexual violation.

The trial before Justice Matthew Palmer is set down for two weeks.

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