Man stabbed in second Auckland brawl had helped man hit by car night before

A second consecutive night of violence at the same east Auckland property has left three more people injured, less than 24 hours after a car drove through a mob fighting on the street outside the house. 

Two people have been stabbed and one other beaten during the second brawl at an address in Panmure last night.

Police were called out to the suburb of Panmure last night for the second time in two nights. Source: 1 NEWS

Two men were hit by a car at the Tripoli Road home on Friday night and police believe both incidents are connected.

Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe said today that none of the victims in last night's brawl were responsible for the vehicle driving into people the night before. 

Police allege residents were attacked by an armed mob a night after a car drove through a crowd outside. Source: 1 NEWS

"One of the people who was stabbed last night, in fact the person who sustained the most serious injuries in last night's incident, was someone who provided valuable assistance to the person most seriously injured on Friday night.

"Despite coming from the opposing group this person made the choice to stay with the injured man until the ambulance arrived, and he even assisted in lifting the car off him," said Inspector Pascoe.

"This just goes to show how things can go spectacularly wrong when people attempt to take the law into their own hands, to seek retribution in this way."

Investigators say it appears a fight at a party was the trigger for the violence. Source: 1 NEWS

Police were again called to the property at 11.20 last night to reports of a large group of people fighting.

Police say the group entered the house, confronting the occupants and damaging property.

Three people were injured, two with stab wounds and one with a blunt-force injury.

They were taken to Auckland Hospital and have since been discharged.

One man critically injured on Friday night at the same address remains in a critical condition in hospital.

Police say they do not want to see anyone else hurt and are urging those involved to "leave this to police".

Seventeen investigators are working on the matter, Inspector Pascoe said he's "confident" they will identify those responsible.

Patrols are being increased in the Glen Innes and Panmure areas following the brawls. 

'Got to get on with it and prove to people that I can do the job' – Ardern not taking pregnancy criticism personally

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was asked today about her view on those criticising her decision to have a baby while running New Zealand, saying that her late-grandmother could have been one of the people with that view. 

"Everyone is going to have their own view," she told media from Martinborough, where the Labour Caucus were holding an away meeting. 

"All I can do is give the assurance I take my role as PM incredibly seriously and that I will be fulfilling the mandate that I have.

Jacinda Ardern is taking six weeks off mid-2018 to give birth to her first child. Source: 1 NEWS

"I expect people in some cases simply wait to see if I perform up to their expectations. 

When asked if she thought that view was sexist she said, "It's people's view". 

"If my grandmother was still here she might be one of the people expressing that view."

"I accept there is a whole range of takes from different individuals, I don't take that personally and no don't I think I should."

"I've just got to get on with it and prove to people that I can do the job."

She said the criticism was probably reflective of what women around the world in different careers experience.

Jacinda Ardern talks turning the 100 day plan into a 300 day plan. Source: 1 NEWS

"These views only change over time and perhaps they change with... more exposure to the fact you can take on different roles."

The PM said her late-grandmother could've been one of the people questioning her decision to be a mother and leader of NZ. Source: 1 NEWS


'I'd like to give a donation to Plunket' – PM to give part of salary due to 'down-scaled job'

The Prime Minister has talked about the nearing completion of the government's 100 day plan, and how she is planning on donating part of her salary to Plunket while she has six-weeks off during the birth of her first child. 

Jacinda Ardern announced on Friday she was pregnant, with the baby due in June. 

During that time she will take off six weeks, while deputy PM Winston Peters steps up as acting-PM. 

Labour MPs gathered for a three-day caucus retreat in Martinborough to hammer out government plans for 2018. Source: 1 NEWS

She said today from the away-Caucus meeting in Martinborough she was planning on giving a portion of her salary to Plunket, as her job would be "downscaled". 

When asked about her thoughts on commentators questioning her ability to be a mother and Prime Minister, Ms Ardern said "everyone is going to have their own view". 

"I don't take that personally."

"If my grandmother who was still here she might be one of the people expressing that view."

Jacinda Ardern said she expects to be at Auckland Hospital for the birth. Source: 1 NEWS

However, she assured those with concerns that, "I take my role as PM incredibly seriously. I expect people will simply wait and see."

She said she was currently planning on the birth being at Auckland Hospital. 

Ms Ardern told media she had received congratulatory messages from UK PM Theresa May and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. 

She said the government is "completely on track to complete the 100 day plan."

Jacinda Ardern is taking six weeks off mid-2018 to give birth to her first child. Source: 1 NEWS