Man spotted standing in freezing Auckland Harbour wearing only a t-shirt

A man was spotted standing in the freezing cold waters of Auckland Harbour yesterday morning wearing only a t-shirt.

Motorist Jason Copedo said he was astounded to see the man in the water near the Esmonde Rd onramp on State Highway 1 on the North Shore during rush hour, and immediately called 105 out of concern for the man's wellbeing.

"With the current temperatures there was a high risk of hypothermia - he was only in a t-shirt!" Mr Copedo said.

MetService temperature readings suggest an air temperature of between six and eight degrees at the time.

Police confirmed they were called to the scene just after 9am yesterday and said they referred the man for "appropriate medical treatment".

Police said they were unable to comment further.

A man spotted standing in Auckland Harbour wearing a t-shirt on a cold winter morning. Source: Supplied

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