Man selling three left jandals on Trade Me gets foot in niche market

A man selling three left jandals on Trade Me appears to have found a niche market amongst the New Zealand public.

Three left jandals for sale on Trade Me. Source: Trade Me

The jandals come with a tale of woe and sorrow that many people can relate to.

"There are few things more sole destroying than blowing a jandal. In my excitement to see the summer the last three years in a row I've been unfortunate enough to blow one out on the right flank," the seller writes on his auction.

"Each time I've tucked away the lonely left one on the off chance that the next blow out comes on the left hoof.

"Alas, as the days have gotten longer I've once again blown the right and while it's been hard, I've had to face up to the likelihood that I may never need my three left jandals and perhaps there are some deeper issues with my gait which need to be addressed."

There seems to be a surprising need for left jandals as 26 bidders have pushed the price out to $134.00 at the time of writing.

Other Trade Me users have had similar issues to the seller, except with their left jandals.

"So innovative, I have recently blown out my right jandal. Never considered there was a market for single thongs, I should have advertised for a new one. Love your work," one person wrote in the question section.

The seller says they will take greater care with the placement of their right foot in future.