Man reunited with hero who stepped up after he burnt himself in petrol mishap

A Christchurch man whose dash for gas went up in flames has been reunited with the humble hero who drove him to hospital after the incident.

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All we knew about Mystery Steve was that he was a Cantabrian who drove a ute. Source: Seven Sharp

It all began when Damo Clark recently noticed his 1981 Jaguar XJ12 had run out of petrol.

He jumped in his Honda City to grab some gas from the petrol station.

However, disaster struck when Damo’s Jerry can he had filled with petrol spilled onto the passenger seat after he put the car in park.

The spilt petrol ignited in his car, leaving him with a burnt hand and a big mess.

“I got my left hand and started smacking it,” he told Seven Sharp earlier this week.

“I got out the other side of the door and I took off my shirt and I just started whacking it.”

A man who simply identified himself as Steve witnessed the carnage unfold and offered to drive Damo to hospital to get his hand taken care of.

“I'd like to buy Steve a beer and say, ‘Thank you, Steve,'” Damo said at the time.

Today he got the chance to do just that after Steve Cain's kids saw the story on TV.

“My children messaged me and said, 'Hey Dad, you’re on Seven Sharp and everyone's sort of looking for you,'” he said.

Mystery Steve is no longer so mysterious as the two men reunited for a beer and chat about the incident.

“I just came across poor Damo on the side of the road on fire with flames coming out the window and went over to see if he needed some help,” Steve said.

Watch the happy moment take place in the Seven Sharp video above.