Man once helped by Fair Go finds himself on the programme again - this time in the hot seat

When you come to Fair Go with a problem, it’s pretty unusual to find the tradie you’re complaining about has been on the programme before.

It’s even more unusual to find out they were on the show not because they’d done anything wrong – in fact, the complete opposite.

But that’s what happened to Genara Rudd when she hired Neville Thomson Fencing to build her a new gate and fence at her Auckland home.

She paid an initial $18,000 for the metal structure in February – out of a total $22,000 - and was told it would take five or six weeks to complete. But work didn’t start until April, and after three days it stopped. 

“I’m feeling lost, devastated… I don’t know why he did that to me,” says Genara.

Since then, Genara has tried calling, texting and emailing Neville Thomson – even sending him a lawyer’s letter. But, to no avail. No one has been back to finish the fence. 

When Fair Go got in touch, Neville fessed up.

“To be honest, it’s totally my fault for not getting back to her,” he said.

It’s not often business owners say that to Fair Go. Even more surprising – Neville had been on the programme before.

Yup, Neville Thomson once asked Fair Go for help resolving an insurance issue – and knows full well the impact the show can have.

“I was looking last night at Fair Go and I was thinking, ‘Geez, I hope I never end up on this’.”

Neville says he’s had a lot on his plate, and the job slipped past him – but he promised to get it done as soon as possible.

And, after a couple of false starts, workmen turned up today as Fair Go went to air – this time to do the right thing and finish the job.

Genara’s delighted she – and Neville – are now both on the right side of the fence.

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“It’s totally my fault,” business owner Neville Thomson told Fair Go of having not yet built a fence that he had taken $18,000 for. Source: Fair Go