Man masquerading as youth worker is targeting children online, police warn

A man seeking children for games involving pouring custard on each other on Wellington and Auckland community pages has prompted a warning from police.

Parents are advised by police to watch their children’s social media activity closely after the series of posts seeking children, often aged between nine and 13 years old, to be part of a game that involves "sliming", "gunging" or pouring custard over themselves and the man.

The poster offers money, vouchers or tickets for events in exchange for children to play these games, which he says a part of his training as a youth worker or is related to a project he is completing for tertiary study.

An active police investigation into the individual is ongoing and has established that he is not training as a youth worker and not involved in any relevant tertiary study.

Members of the community should not engage with this person via social media, police have requested.

They also encourage parents to discuss with their children what they are doing online.

Further information on online safety is available through NetSafe.

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