Man killed in Invercargill boating incident named

Police have released the name of the 65-year-old man who died in a boating incident yesterday on the Oreti River, near Invercargill.

A Coastguard rescue boat. Source: Coastguard New Zealand

He was Werahikoterernga Kenneth Katene of Invercargill.

The man's body was found after a partially submerged 2.4 metre aluminium dinghy was spotted in the river by a member of the public.

A search and rescue operation began at about 12.50pm yesterday after police were advised that the owner of the boat was missing.

Police say at about 7pm yesterday searchers located the body of the missing man in the river near where he was last seen.

A helicopter, members of the Coastguard, local fishermen and the Police Search and Rescue Squad were involved in the search.