Man denied bail following firearms incident, lockdown and large-scale manhunt in Christchurch

Brandon Jarden, 23, has appeared in court following a firearms-related event in the Christchurch suburb of Burnside yesterday.

Brandon Jarden. Source: Supplied

Police placed a cordon in the area just before midday as attempts were made to locate Jarden. One primary school and one child centre were placed into lockdown as a precaution. 

He was found shortly after 10pm.

Jarden is facing multiple charges including assault, threatening to kill, carrying and presenting a firearm, conspiring to supply methamphetamine and failing to assist police in a search. 

He is also charged with possession of a cannabis pipe and possession of a glass pipe intended to smoke methamphetamine. 

Jarden’s lawyer requested he be remanded without plea, and applied for bail. 

Judge Quentin Hix denied the bail application and remanded Jarden in custody without plea on all charges.

He’s expected to reappear later this month.