Man charged after allegedly pointing gun at police helicopter in West Auckland after 'shotgun blast'

A 43-year-old man has been charged after allegedly point a gun at a police helicopter in West Auckland this morning.

He will appear in Court at a date which has yet to be set.

Police earlier confirmed a "shotgun blast" was heard at about 1.20am coming from an address on Red Hills Road in Taupaki, west of Massey.

A gunshot was heard at about 1.20am on Red Hills Road in Taupaki. Source: 1 NEWS

After police, including an Eagle chopper, arrived at the scene the man from a second address allegedly pointed a gun at the police helicopter as it flew over the scene, Metro Auckland Shift Commander Inspector Kerry Watson said.

Officers made contact with the offender at about 6am before taking him into custody for questioning.

Cordons that were around the scene have now been lifted.

A woman who works at nearby K9 Heaven on Sunnyvale Road told 1 NEWS earlier this morning that there was a large emergency services presence and it looked like "they were preparing for something".

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A co-worker of the woman had trouble getting to work from her home in Taupaki after the road was blocked off.

The incident sparked a standoff at a house in the Auckland suburb of Taupaki. Source: 1 NEWS