Man bites on 'rusty' thumbtack found in blueberry bought at Tauranga Pak'nSave

Foodstuffs have removed a batch of blueberries from the shelves of a Tauranga Pak'nSave after a man bit into a thumbtack in a berry.

Blueberries. (File photo) Source:

NZ Herald reports the man, Mr Osborne, bit into the "rusty" thumbtack in a blueberry in his dessert last night.

He didn't see the thumbtack before biting into is sideways and spitting it out.

"It was rusty and slightly bent," he told NZ Herald.

Mr Osborne said he took the blueberry and thumbtack back to the Pak'nSave in Pāpāmoa where he bought the blueberries on Monday. He said staff handled the complaint well.

A Foodstuffs spokeswoman told 1 NEWS the company had been notified that a foreign object has been found in some fruit. 

"The batch has been pulled from store shelves and we are going through our stringent investigative process."

The outcome of the investigation would also be handed over to the authorities for their review and support, she said.