Man aims to run 654km, for six days straight, to raise awareness for suicide prevention

An inspiring young man plans on running 654 kilometres to raise awareness for suicide prevention in New Zealand.

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Matt Fenn hopes to run the equivalent of 15 and a half marathons around Auckland Domain. Source: Seven Sharp

Matt Fenn’s epic mission running laps around Auckland Domain should take him six days.

The 22-year-old chose the 654km goal to highlight the fact last year 654 people in New Zealand lost their life to suicide.

“It’s all about raising awareness of that issue,” Fenn told Seven Sharp.

He isn’t attempting to raise money with his feat of endurance.

“I think doing something that isn't a fundraiser leaves a different impression."

Comedian and mental health advocate Mike King is impressed by Fenn’s determination.

“He’s doing it for the purest reason, which is he cares about our appalling rates of suicide.

“It’s not only admirable, I think it’s amazing,” King said.

The I AM HOPE founder even rode next to Fenn on a scooter during his run for a time to lend some support.

Fenn plans to take 15- to 20-minute naps one to three times per day.

He began his run at 6am yesterday morning and by the evening had completed 43 laps, which is 69 kilometres.