Malware displaying pornographic material found in Google Play store apps targeting children

Malware that displays pornographic adverts has been found lurking in 60 apps available on Google's Play store, including some aimed at children. 

A report from Check Point Research has revealed the malicious string of code which they say could be affecting Kiwi app users.

According to data from Google Play, the apps have so far been downloaded between 3 million and 7 million times.

A spokesperson from Check Point Research told 1 NEWS that this malware was across the Google Play store globally, and it's likely New Zealanders have been exposed too.

"These apps could have absolutely been downloaded in New Zealand".

Dubbed AdultSwine, the malicious string of code wreaks havoc in three possible ways:

1. Displaying ads from the web that are often highly inappropriate and pornographic.

2. Attempting to trick users into installing fake security apps.

3. Inducing users to register to premium services at the user's expense.

Infected apps include ones themed around the highly popular Minecraft kids game, as well as a variety of games featuring Disney characters.

Several Android phone users have taken to the Google Play store to complain about the apps.

"Don't install for your kids. I did and my son opened it and a bunch of filthy hard-core porn pictures popped up," one user wrote.

"Some of the ads try and make you believe your device has a virus," another commented.

Google says it has now removed all the compromised apps from the Play store.

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Concerns for missing 84-year-old Hamilton man with dementia

Concerns are held for the wellbeing of an 84-year-old Hamilton man with dementia who has been missing since last evening.

Police say Raymond Stirling was last seen in the Halcione Close area around 7pm last night and was reported missing this afternoon. 

Police and Mr Stirling's family are concerned for his wellbeing as he suffers from mild dementia, police say.

He is likely to be on foot and may be hitchhiking, they say.

Mr Stirling is of slim and frail build.

Police are asking people to check their properties, sheds and out-buildings in case Mr Stirling has taken shelter there.

If anyone has seen him they are asked to call 111.

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Auckland can say goodbye to clear skies, with wet rest of week expected

The clear skies are over in the City of Sails as Aucklanders can expect a very wet end to the week. 

Rain is expected to begin falling this evening at around 8pm. Tomorrow the showers will become more frequent throughout the day and into the evening with a strong northeasterly wind. 

Thursday and Friday will see heavy rain throughout both days until Sunday where the rain will start easing in the afternoon. 

While the weather will be wetter, there will be no relief in the evenings heat wise as temperatures are set to remain at 19 and 20 degrees overnight. 

MetService senior meteorologist Lisa Murray said people should keep up to date with the forecast to guage rain intensity. 

A heavy rain watch is in place for Northland, as it does not meet criteria for a severe weather warning, according to Ms Murray. 

However, she said the status may change, which is why people are encouraged to keep checking online. 

Looking ahead to next week, rain is still on the forecast well into the working week. 

The next bright day in Auckland isn't expected until next January 25, so best pack an umbrella for the commute. 

Meanwhile, Auckland isn't the only place to be getting drenched. 

MetService has tweeted a severe weather warning for Nelson and parts of Westland. 

Storm clouds over Auckland (file picture).
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