Malcolm Rewa sex assault victim welcomes police bid to re-try him for murder: 'I'm really pleased' for Susan Burdett's family

A woman sexually assaulted by Malcolm Rewa is surprised by the police move to try him for a third time for the murder of Auckland woman Susan Burdett in 1992.

Rewa was tried twice in 1998 for the murder, but in both trials the jury was unable to reach a verdict and after the second trial the Solicitor-General stayed further prosecution of Rewa. 

Teina Pora spent more than 20 years in prison for the rape and murder of Ms Burdett when he was 17 but his convictions were quashed by the Privy Council in 2015.

Police announced today that the Solicitor-General has agreed to apply to the High Court to re-try Rewa.

A woman who was sexually assaulted by Rewa today told 1 NEWS she wasn't expecting this, and hopes his victims get closure.

"For me it's always felt that, you know, the case couldn't be closed and there was no closure for Susan Burdett's family. So I'm really pleased for them," said the woman who has name suppression. 

"I really do hope that they get the closure that they deserve. It's been a very long road for them and I think for all of Malcolm Rewa's victims, you know. Over the last 20 years it's constantly been in the media," she said.

After Teina Pora's conviction for the murder of Ms Burdett was quashed, the decision to stay the prosecution of Rewa was reviewed at police request.  

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said today: "I can confirm that the Solicitor-General has agreed to make an application to the High Court to re-try Mr Rewa."

The family of Ms Burdett have been advised of this development and Mr Rewa has also been advised, Mr Bush said in a statement.

A team of senior and experienced homicide detectives under the oversight of Detective Superintendent Dave Lynch have commenced preparation work on the file, and will work with the Manukau Crown Solicitor to make the application in the High Court and manage the case through to a third trial if one is granted, the Commissioner said.

It follows a Privy Council ruling two years ago clearing Teina Pora of the murder. Source: 1 NEWS