Malcolm Rewa receives life sentence for the 'brutal' murder of Susan Burdett

Serial rapist Malcolm Rewa has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Susan Burdett in 1992 at her home in Auckland.

The sentence is to be served concurrently with his current sentence.

As Rewa exited the court, some applause was heard from the public gallery.

In sentencing at Auckland High Court, Justice Venning said "this was a particularly brutal attack following a home invasion, and committed in the course of another serious offence, namely the rape of Ms Burdett".

Rewa is currently serving preventive detention for serial rapes. No minimum period of imprisonment could be handed down because at the time of Ms Burdett’s killing that was not an option.

Malcolm Rewa at Auckland High Court.
Malcolm Rewa at Auckland High Court. Source: 1 NEWS

"This was a brutal murder with a number of aggravating features," Justice Venning said.

"Having seen you give evidence, observed you during the course of the trial, and this sentencing, I have seen no remorse.

"I consider you to be a manipulative and controlling person who remains a danger to the community."

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“I have seen no indication of remorse whatsoever for Ms Burdett’s death,” he said. Source: 1 NEWS

A trial in February was the third time Rewa had been tried for Ms Burdett's murder, and this time he was found guilty.

Rewa was convicted of raping Ms Burdett in 1998, but two separate juries were not able to decide whether or not he had also killed her.

In 1998, Teina Pora was already in prison for Ms Burdett's rape and murder, but in 2015 Mr Pora's convictions were quashed and he received $3.5 million from the Government for the 21 years he wrongly spent in prison.

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Recently convicted for the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett, he was already subject to preventative detention for past crimes. Source: 1 NEWS