'It makes the tui sound like an elaborate train wreck' - competition heats up in Bird of the Year competition

With the Bird of the Year competition finishing this weekend, one teenager is hoping you'll give your vote to the kokako.

Did you know there's an election this weekend to crown our Bird of the Year? Source: Seven Sharp

The competition is run by Forest and Bird, and while it's a bit of fun, it also has a serious message - raising awareness and funds for New Zealand endangered birds.

The kokako has never won the competition, but 16-year-old Oscar Thomas is the bird's campaign manager this year, and he says there is a lot to love about it.

"It's def got the best bird call ... the loudest in the forest - and a deep organ flute-like call," he says.

"We just need as many votes as we can - it's all about raising awareness not just for kokako but all birds of New Zealand, how special they are.

"Eighty per cent of New Zealand's birds are endangered - they need all the help they can get.

"[It has the] most beautiful call of all the birds here - it makes the tui sound like an elaborate train wreck sometimes."

You can vote for your favourite bird at the Forest and Bird website.