Majority of submissions on euthanasia are against its legalisation


An anti-euthanasia group's analysis of submissions made to the Health Select Committee investigating medically assisted dying, has found the majority opposed legalisation of euthanasia.

Today is the final day for submissions to be made on whether euthanasia should become law in NZ.

Source: Breakfast

More than 21,000 written submissions were received, after a petition was taken to parliament in 2015 calling for an overhaul of euthanasia laws.

The Care Alliance reviewed each submission, and found 77 per cent opposed legalisation, 19.5 per cent were in support, and 3.4 per cent were neutral or unclear.

Group Secretary Matthew Jansen said many included deeply personal stories regarding illness and dying.

"We trust the Health Select Committee will hear there is much more that needs to be done to improve mental health, disability and end of life services in New Zealand, but that the overwhelming majority of submitters say euthanasia isn't a solution".

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society says the numbers don't reflect the opinion of general society, and it's the content in the submissions that matter, not the quantity.

A study by Auckland University earlier this year asked respondents if those with painful incurable diseases should be allowed by law to ask a doctor to help them end their lives, with 66 per cent agreeing, and 12 per cent disagreeing.

The Health Select Committee has finished hearing oral submissions, and is due to report on its inquiry soon.

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