Major investment in modernising news coverage sees TVNZ unveil huge new studio screen

TVNZ has unveiled the 17m-long screen which will be the backdrop to its news programmes from Monday.

The screen is made up of 175 LED panels and is far bigger than previous version. Source: 1 NEWS

The screen is made up of 175 LED panels and is not only far bigger than the previous version, it also gets rid of the old lines.

Crews have been working through summer to get the new technology up and running in time for the return of Breakfast on Monday.

TVNZ isn't revealing the cost of the 2.5m-high screen, but does say it's a major investment in modernising news coverage.

TVNZ's Head of News and Current Affairs John Gillespie says: "This is a major change to the way 1 NEWS presents its flagship news and current affairs content - it's a real leap forward with immersive graphics in a contemporary new studio setting. The centrepiece is our massive new new video wall.

"Storytelling is at the heart of these changes. As New Zealand's most watched news, we want to bring you our stories in the most informative and visually impactful way possible.”

He said the move will be followed by the introduction of our new augmented reality graphics next month.