Maiden jetpack flight was a 'pleasurable experience' for former air force pilot

The first manned Martin Jetpack flight was a "very pleasurable experience" for the test pilot.

The Christchurch-based company carried out the flight over an irrigation pond in North Canterbury. Source: 1 NEWS

The prototype was launched alongside a Canterbury irrigation pond yesterday, after the Christchurch-based company carried out a test flight earlier this week.

"Obviously the sensation of flying a jetpack is something that very few people on earth have been lucky enough to experience ... the best I could say is it's a very pleasurable experience," former Australian Air Force pilot Michael Read said.

The jetpack was limited to a maximum height of eight metres because it wasn't fitted with a parachute for Mr Read.

Martin Jetpack says it hopes to sell its flying machine for commercial use to emergency services around the world.

An updated jetpack - expected to sell for more than $300,000, reach a height of 1000m and a top speed of more than 70kmh - will be built by the middle of next year.