Magpie flies into substation, cuts power to 3000 in Sanson

A magpie that flew into a substation is the culprit of a power cut in Palmerston North, Whanganui, Waverley and Stratford.

Over 4500 properties have been left without power this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

Thousands of homes are without power this morning.

Power has now been restored to 3000 properties in Sanson.

It's expected power will be restored to the 1000 Whanganui homes that lost power by 1.30pm

Electricity distribution company Powerco posted on its website that power had gone out in the suburbs of Halcombe in Palmerston North, Castlecliff in Whanganui, Waitotara in Waverley and Midhirst in Stratford.

More than 4500 properties were affected.

Power went off between 8am and 9.30 today.

Powerco's website said the company hopes to have electricity back on to affected homes by 1.30pm today.