Magician marks 30th summer on board Interislander to Cook Strait

As the seas grow surly, the smiles on the children’s faces grow wider as they cross the seas bound for the Cook Strait, and that's thanks to Nigel Kennedy.

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Nigel Kennedy is a magical institution for those who cruise on the InterIslander over the summer months and this season he's sailing into a significant milestone. Source: Seven Sharp

Today marks the 30th summer for Mr Kennedy, a one-of-a-kind magician on board the Interislander.

By his side is his trusty assistant Mr Funny Bunny, who he described to Seven Sharp as an “avid sailor” and the only one of his eight furry brothers and sisters destined for showbusiness. 

"You will find as many adults watching the show as kids, frequently, and I will even catch them occasionally with their mouths open shouting out the magic word," Mr Kennedy says.

“Magic is timeless. Old-fashioned magic tricks. In fact, some of the ones I do in the show have been around for so many years, just in different guises."

He says a day without fun is a day wasted.

"As long as they want me here, I'll be here."