Magazine faces backlash over bikini-clad promo girls

A technology magazine has been forced to apologise after facing a social media backlash over its use of bikini-clad women at an expo in Auckland.

A bikini-clad woman at the Digital Nationz expo in Auckland.

NetGuide staffed its stall with two women dressed in blue bikinis on the first day of the Digital Nationz expo yesterday.

It wasn't long before technology enthusiasts took to Twitter to criticise NetGuide.

"So exhausting. @NetGuide's behavior is indefensible. And where is @DIGITALNATIONZ event leadership and code of conduct? This needs to stop," tweeted Sacha Judd.

James Cardno tweeted: "As a really hard-out gamer, I don't like knowing that those retailers clearly think that I'm gullible, desperate and shallow".

NetGuide was quick to apologise for its "genuine mistake".

"Our apology is for being naïve, insensitive and continuing stereotypes that shouldn't exist," they tweeted.

"We've got pants and T-shirts on now, plus, we won't be repeating that mistake."