'How lucky am I?' Briscoes lady' celebrates 30th year as Kiwi advertising legend

This week marks the 30th anniversary of a Kiwi advertising legend - the Briscoes lady.

Tammy Wells, the face of the discount chain store, says, "I just remember thinking, 'Oh my gosh'".

Briscoes chief executive Rod Duke, remembers the moment he first came across Ms Wells' audition tape.

"She came from Christchurch. We'd already been through Auckland and Wellington. I came to that particular tape and we had, probably, six or eight presenters. It was instant," Mr Duke said.

"I don't think you're going to find another presenter on TV of any sex, with any company, who can endure that. I think it's extraordinary."

Ms Wells said she was "so wired, so 'weeeee' that it was just like, 'Oh, just tone it down' which, fortunately, I've been able to do as I've got older which is lovely".

"It's more 'me' now than that sort of wired lady. I suppose the Briscoes lady sometimes gets more excited about some of the things that I wouldn't perhaps be quite so excited about," she said.

Ms Wells learned her tricks of the trade from 1973 game show It's in the Bag's Heather Eggleston.

"I just did what she did and she was so full of beans and so full of energy and I just thought, 'Oh, wow!' and so it's just continuing her wonderful legacy."

"The wonderful thing is it's paid the mortgage and educated our kids and how lucky am I?"

Tammy Wells should be instantly recognisable to any New Zealander after three decades on our screens. Source: Seven Sharp

Bookies suspend betting on Meghan Markle's wedding dress designer as evidence firms

The bookies have suspended betting on who designed and made Meghan Markle's wedding dress as evidence points to an English and Australian husband and wife team. 

Glitterati favourites Ralph and Russo are hotly tipped to be the ones creating what will be the most talked about wedding gown in years.

Growing speculation has only been fuelled by the sight of rolls of ivory silk marked 'Ralph and Russo'.

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey said London-based company Joel and Sons have got a Royal warrant. 

"So for them to have rolls of fabric with Ralph and Russo on them suggests that perhaps there could be a connection between them and the wedding dress," she said.

Thirty-three-year-old Meghan Markle wore a Ralph and Russo design in her engagement photos. 

Australian Tamara Ralph and her English husband Michael Russo are based in London. 

Prince Harry and Meghan are picking up the tab for the dress, expected to be close on $200,000.

Bookies have suspended betting on the matter, as evidence points to an English and Australian husband and wife team. Source: 1 NEWS


'Let me tell you, sunshine' - Winston Peters calls Simon Bridges' Budget speech 'devoid of ideas'

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke today in parliament about Budget 2018, highlighting the recent boost to foreign affairs and reiterating the notion of a transformative economy. 

"The adaptive work will take longer than one Budget, but today a strong foundation has been laid," Winston Peters said. 

"There's much more work to do, and we look forward to fulfilling and continuing our role as a constructive force in the coalition to achieve positive change for our supporters and, indeed, for all New Zealanders."

Mr Peters also used his speech to criticise the Opposition, calling National Party leader Simon Bridges' speech "devoid of ideas, riddled with clichés, and speeches like that are why they created the word 'vacuous'". 

National MP Tim Macindoe at this point asked, "What's the current poll rating? Mr one per cent."

"Let me tell you, sunshine," Mr Peters replied. "I'm here after all these years because we know how to get a poll up, but not that failure, not that member there."

Mr Peters called Mr Bridges, "Mr Simon Slick Bridges", "Mr Simon Soundbite Bridges", "Mr Simon One-way Bridges", and "Mr Simon Short-term Bridges".

The speech came after Mr Bridges' speech on the government's Budget, which he said was based around "borrowing more, taxing more and spending more". 

"They are taxing, borrowing, spending when the economy and their books are the strongest we've seen in a generation," Mr Bridges said earlier today.

"Where's it going? A billion dollars for diplomats, not doctors. It's not 'let's do this', it's 'Winston made us do this'," Mr Bridges said.