Lower Hutt man creates probably the world's first rotary-engine Ferrari

A Lower Hutt man has created what might be the world’s first rotary-engine Ferrari.

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The Italian car maker weren’t happy, so Reuben Bemrose apologised. Source: Seven Sharp

The Italian car maker heard about Reuben Bemrose’s modified 95 Ferrari 456 GT and it wasn’t happy.

“We thought it would be funny, we could put whatever motor we wanted in it and we picked the classic Kiwi rotary,” Mr Bemrose told Seven Sharp.

The polarising rotary engine is traditionally at home under the bonnet of a Japanese Mazda.

A long way from the V-12 Italian Stallion that is a Ferrari.

The modification cost $13,000 to complete and was shown off at one New Zealand’s largest rotary festivals on the weekend, an act which caught the eye of Ferrari big wigs in Italy.

“Obviously they are quite protective of their image, and their brand which I completely understand.

“I’ve just taken their iconic V-12 out of it and put an iconic New Zealand motor in it,” Mr Bemrose said.

Mr Bemrose apologised to Ferrari for any offence caused.

 "Dear Ferrari, I'm so very sorry, I didn't mean to belittle your brand.

"Can't you see I just want to be friends? How was that? Yeah good good, they'll buy it."