Lovingly restored classic car set to fetch top dollar on Trade Me auction

There's been keen interest in a fully restored classic car from the 1960s that's being auctioned on Trade Me to raise funds for charity.

So far the bid for the 1963 Humber 90 stands at $23,650. 

The Wanganui Cancer Society write on the Trade Me listing they got the "shock our lives" when the owner of the car, who volunteers for the society, told them he'd donate it to them to help people in the community.

"We cannot express our thanks enough, so we hope this auction does our volunteer proud," they wrote.

The vehicle has been lovingly restored and has a fully reconditioned 1532cc engine.

The auction closes tomorrow at 8pm will all with all the proceeds going to the Wanganui Cancer Society.

Myrtle is a solidly built British car, a Humber, born in 1963, and her restorer wants it auctioned for the Cancer Society. Source: Seven Sharp