Lovebirds in their 80s marry following chance supermarket meeting

It turns out Valentine's Day has some competition for the most romantic day of the year, as Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson found out when investigating the tale of two Kiwi octogenarians that found love in an unlikely place.

The setting for this surprising tale of romance was the humble supermarket one lonely Easter Sunday.

The chance encounter would forever change the lives of 83-year-old Sylvia and 85-year-old Ivan.

Sylvia is a widow who was feeling the weight of her years, and her solitude.

"It was Easter, and I was on my own. I had no plans to go to anybody," she said.

Sylvia was waiting at the checkout when she noticed a man in the line behind her.

"This man was standing behind me grumbling. And I turned around with my hand on my hip to say 'What's your problem mate?' And it was Ivan Still."

The pair hadn't been together since primary school 75 years ago, but they both still recognised each other.

They struck up a conversation and then went for a coffee date that lasted three hours.

"When he left me, he kissed me on the lips! I have never ever let men kiss me on the lips since I got married 60 years ago. But he did, and I thought 'hell's bells what's happening here?'," Sylvia said.

The confident manoeuvre has led to a happy ending, the two lovebirds getting married just before Christmas last year.

Sylvia and Ivan are living proof that sometimes the best things are worth waiting for. Source: Seven Sharp