Lotto's missing $17 million winner comes forward at last

New Zealand's mystery missing millionaire has finally been found, almost a month after winning $17.1 million in a Lotto Powerball win.

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The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to “lay low” for a few weeks. Source: 1 NEWS

It was taking so long for the person to come forward, Lotto was considering drastic measures to try and track them down - just in case they didn't realise they'd won.

The winning ticket was bought from The Market Store in Twizel, for a draw on December 28.

In a statement today, the anonymous winner says they needed some time to come to terms with the enormous win.

"Once I heard about the big win, I checked my ticket and couldn’t believe it when I saw I had all of the numbers," the person says.

"I had to re-check the ticket multiple times before I was convinced that I had won – and even then I kept going back and looking at the ticket to make sure I had got it right. I just couldn’t believe it – I’m still in shock."

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It was purchased from the Market Store in the South Island town. Source: 1 NEWS

The winner lives in the South Island with their family, and plans to use some of the money to help pay off close family members' mortgages - as well as an overseas holiday.

Some of the money will also be given to charity.

"This is going to change our lives – what an amazing way to start the year."

Lotto says it was considering a private investigator to track the winner down as time went on, before the winner contacted them directly.