Lotto website glitch prevents punters checking tickets

Some Lotto players have been frustrated this morning after being unable to access their results from last night's draw due to technical issues on the Lotto website.

A spokesperson for Lotto says due to a "technical issue" MyLotto players can't access their tickets online.

"We appreciate this is frustrating for players who want to find out the results from last night's Christmas promotion draw," Emilia Mazur, general manager of Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility says in a statement.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate our players' patience as we resolve the issue. Players should be able to check their online tickets later today."

Numerous punters have vented their frustration about the glitch with one user writing on Lotto's Facebook page: "All very well LOTTO, but how about you fix the issue that is stopping us all checking if we've won anything???!!!!"

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Source: Breakfast