Lost airport bunny Wink reunited with young owner, with help from Prime Minister, Seven Sharp

Last Friday, Seven Sharp covered the story of Wink, a beloved toy bunny found all alone at Hamilton Airport with its owner nowhere to be seen.

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After some serious investigating, and a little help from the PM, Wink’s owner has finally been found. Source: Seven Sharp

After some serious investigating, some Seven Sharp magic and a bit of help from the Prime Minister, Wink's owner has finally been found.

For almost a month, Wink has been living at Hamilton Airport. 

Now he's finally been reunited with his family — after some serious vetting by airport staff.

"They sent a photo, of course. We had to have photographic evidence of child with toy," Hamilton Airport's Angela Beardsmore says.

"We're a little sad to see wink go but obviously delighted he'll be reunited with his family."

Wink's real name is actually Nunu and Nunu hails from Christchurch, so it was time to hop over to the South Island.

Seven Sharp was there as Nunu was reunited with his young owner, Beauen Sor — and his relieved dad.

"He's had it since he was born, just a wee comfort bunny for sleeping with it and travelling with," Vez Sor says.

"Beauen came home from the flight from Hamilton, he was missing a bunny from the blanket. I said, 'What happened?' He goes, 'I lost it.' [He was] a wee bit upset."

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Wink was discovered on the floor of Hamilton Airport last month. Source: Seven Sharp

Vez and his wife, on the other hand, didn't panic too much. They've got back-up bunnies.

After all that hooplah, Nunu has an identical twin, and a mummy bunny too.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who spent time with Wink/Nunu while in Hamilton, sent a special message to little Beauen.

"I'm so, so glad that you have your Nunu back and I'm so sorry you lost it for so long," she says.

"I know from now on you're going to take very good care of him so you never lose him ever again... Look after Nunu!"

The adventures of Beauen and his bunny continue and judging from his welcome home party, they'll be continuing for some time to come.